Anna Maggi Studio | live abstract painting

Capturing emotions, intuitions and the unique essence of events

I am a designer and artist, founder of the Visual Sensing® method of abstract live painting. My work focuses on creating live painting experiences and designing tailor-made outcomes for weddings, special moments, formal events, team buildings, personal explorations and more. I work both live online, connecting globally via video from my studio in Germany, and in person by travelling all over Europe.


Capture the essence of your wedding in a live painting — a unique, custom-designed keepsake for guests and a cherished memory for your home.

Capturing emotions, feelings and the unique essence of weddings


Turn significant team or business moments into powerful visual expressions. Shape the emotionality of business events with captivating visuals for conferences, launches and team building events.

Conveying significant moments into powerful visual expressions.

Creative Events

Capture the poetry and ambiance of creative events (art, fashion, theater, dance) with engaging and inspiring visuals and a customed-designed performance.

Capture the poetry and ambiance of events with engageing and inspiring visual experience.


Transform moments into profound visual expressions. Experience the power of Visual Sensing live painting for non-verbal learning, creativity, and lasting memories.

Conveying significant moments into profound visual expressions.

Who I am

Hi, I’m Anna

I have the mindset of a designer and the heart (and hands) of an artist. I combine creativity, courage and determination with intuition and empathy.

I have a background in art and design with a master in communication design (Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design, London), a BA in graphic design & visual communication and a Degree in painting and decoration.  After working in art direction and graphic design in the fashion, culture, and wine industries for about 14 years, I felt the desire and need to include my painting love and skills into my work, creating a unique approach to live painting. This allows me to offer a one-of-a-kind service, from the live art performance to designing a unique final product.

My roots are in Florence, where I was born and raised in an environment rich in culture, art, hospitality, and multiculturalism. My curiosity and love for various cultures have led me to live and study art and design in different places: Florence, Urbino, Barcelona, London, and Brussels. In recent years, I have made my home in the beautiful and inspiring city of Hamburg, which I find elegant and captivating.

In a dance between Art, Design and Performance, I find love, I find joy.